13 ideas for a successful brand building strategy

You probably asking yourself, why precisely 13 ideas, not 50 or 100? The answer is simple – personal experience, as well as this selection, is not tailored to a specific client. These brand strategy ideas will work well for the majority of clients, no matter if we a looking at established business or a startup.

Without further ado, let me list these brand strategy ideas that should bring you closer to establishing your own brand on the market.


Brand website

Absolutely, every brand, expert must have a website to demonstrate their services and establish the brand presence. Website is a brand face and it should be done properly. Taking into consideration the tone of voice, photography and style. It’s extremely important to have the right user experience in place.

Business cards and collateral

It’s a crucial brand strategy element. Obviously, it’s primary function is always the same, marketing. The secondary function would be brand positioning, as with business cards you can easily cheapen your brand if business cards are unprofessionally done.

Professional photo shoot

It’s a key to have your brand photography done properly as it’s characteristic and helping to set a tone of voice and build an element of trust. I regularly review clients profiles and often the quality of seen is poor and do not relate to the essence of the business. As an example, a consultancy agency places a photo where people are inappropriately behaving as well as being very casually dressed. These type of photos will not position them as professionals and build up any trust. We only need 3 seconds to get the first impression and it could be quite damaging for the business.

High-quality presentation

Not every brand needs it. But if your brand is a B2B business, then you definitely need it. Your potential customers may request it, before using your expertise.


Search engines

You should be easy to find in search results and be quite intelligent with content you feature. As we are establishing your brand presence, it would be wise to provide some key information about who you are, how did you achieve your current expertise and so on. This ensures that you are having a healthy brand strategy and content is doing its job.

Social followers

To have weight as a brand on social media, you will need to care about amassing enough followers to have better engagement. Your brand strategy should be targeting the right audience for quality leads.

Regular social activity

The brand social activity should be consistent this an integral brand building strategy part. Regularity with content submission helps to be in contact with your customers and fans.

Testimonials and reviews

Testimonials and reviews are quite often underestimated and not taken seriously, but they can have a big impact on your business as a whole. With the right brand strategy, this could be a strong tool to upsell your expertise.

Video channels

Growing your brand on the internet is challenging and all growth channels should be considered in your brand strategy. This is a very powerful tool in promoting your services and helping to establish your brand with consistency.


These people are opinion leaders and they are listened by an army of followers. Collaborating with them will help to reach a wider audience, your brand strategy here is to make sure that the focus audience is the right audience for your brand.

Media publications

As an expert and brand representative, your reputation and status matters and getting recognition by others is very crucial. Part of successful brand strategy would be the appearance in a well recognised, in your industry related large scale information platform. This then provides an immediate level up as well as builds up the trust factor in the eyes of your customers.

TV performance

Television is the pinnacle of the media and only worthy are given this chance. This is tricky, as you will be going through an audit where quite a few things will be reviewed, but it’s very effective.


It’s incredibly difficult, but the effort is worth it and it helps to establish your brand.

If you have any questions with your current brand strategy or need help developing it, get in touch with me.

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