I enjoy helping my clients to bring clarity and simplicity to their ideas.

Whether you’re starting a new innovative digital product or introducing yourself to new consumer, I can help you deliver your project the right way!

What’s my background?

Since 2014, I’m working in-house studio at Tomorrow|tth as Head of studio. Over the past few year I have been constantly involved in all of the studio creative output; providing both support and decision audit.

Prior to 2014, for 4 years, I worked in various startups; including founded warket.com – sharing platform to expose business and connect through life experiences. For more info: linkedin

  • Born in
    USSR 1987
  • Doing
    sports 1992
  • Going to
    school 1994
  • Arts
    school 1995
  • First
    award 1997
  • Experience
    PC 1999
  • Rowing
    club 2000
  • First
    website 2001
  • Digital
    illustration 2002
  • Forum
    build 2003
  • Starting
    business 2004
  • Plan
    drafting 2005
  • Maidstone
    UCA 2006
  • Architecture
    school 2007
  • First art
    award 2008
  • 3D
    modelling 2009
  • EVE
    semifinalist 2009
  • Startup
    warket.com 2010
  • Warket
    funding 2011
  • London
    relocation 2013
  • Joining
    Ttth 2014
  • Getting
    married 2015
  • Head of
    studio 2016
  • Growing
    stronger 20..
Constantly evolving

Continuous improvement.

I favour knowing over guessing and often find myself bridging the gap between design and technology. I constantly evolve and push myself, get a step closer in my pursuit for the dream and passion to create. My skill set predominantly developing in following lines:

  • User Experience.
  • User Interface.
  • Front End Development.
  • Strategy.
  • Digital Branding.

Project Management. Prototyping. Wireframing. Analysis. Product Ownership. Strategy.

Project Management. Prototyping. Wireframing. Analysis. Product Ownership. Strategy.



I’ll help you to determine clarity and alignment in your brief. It all begins with a few simple questions. By analysing your responses I’ll be able to craft essential guidelines.

02 Define.

With every decision I make, I’ll back it up with deep analysis and with my extensive experience. What often is seen as a problem, I take as a challenges and opportunities to innovate and stand out from the competition.

03 Concept.

Through the strategy and collected research, I’ll proceed to synthesise and conceptualise ideas hand in hand with you.

04 Design.

My mission it to make you more memorable through design. I favour data-driven user experience decisions while working on design. Whether it is mobile or desktop oriented project, I’ll design it the right way and have desired impact on your consumers.

05 Iterate.

I’ll monitor and measure effectiveness of your project, to see if our strategy is effective. I’ll use user data to make something great, even better.