Building the next generation of online casino experience and developing new, stronger brand identity.

  • User Experience.
  • User Interface.
  • Branding.
  • User Analysis.

Where it all began.

Initially there was no brief, just a request to perform improvements that will help with usability of existing site. After running a round of user testing, comparing with competitors it was evident that usability problem could not be solved with cosmetic changes and requires bigger changes.

I’ve gone through deep analysis, looking and tracking how existing customers use the website, tracing down existing issues and as an outcome building improved user journey, wireframing all of the interfaces and building prototype for user testing.

Look and feel.

Design is tailored for British audience, featuring a distinct look and feel that could be still recognised even if the logo would be covered.

Solid experience.

Mobile usability has been dramatically improved, providing better usability and guiding either toward registration or playing.

Working hand in hand.

Having to work on this project was a pleasure, taking client on a journey as we made every single decision, from font selection to actual final design version.