Source helps the world’s leading professional services firms to understand, transform and grow their businesses.

  • Branding.
  • User Experience.
  • User Interface.
  • Web Build.

Discovery phase.

My process starts always with a phase of discovery where all the stakeholders are involved, this then helps to shape initial brief and take it to the next stage.

Client has been facing an issue of inconsistency between their products, services and communication as well as asking for better ways to engage with their consumers.

Corporate style.

My mission was to create a strong continuity in all aspects of communication. This has led to a strong, solid, clear and highly recognisable corporate brand identity as well as expressing unique company atmosphere.

Bring everything together.

Everything was shaped using accurately developed guidelines, capturing and elevating the perception of the brand.

Email communication is a key channel for Source and it received huge user experience improvement as well allowing to widen their strategy, segmenting email campaigns in more intelligent, personalised way.


Thanks to the style created, consistency can be inserted in everything across the whole business. This leads to a strong, solid, clear and recognisable brand.