Most popular commercials on youtube this year

At this time of every year, just before the “Cannes Lions” festival takes place, Google does its annual ranking for the most popular commercials on youtube. This list will not only provide you with some design inspiration but also help you to stay on top of popular industry trends.

Google looked at the number of views, watched time and user involvement as well as counting in organic and paid for views. In total listed commercials for this year had more than 381m views and the most popular commercials were from Brazil, Vietnam and the USA.

See shortlisted, most popular this year commercials below.

1. Coca Cola – Go Gas

Coca Cola Brazil commercial, executed in very classical format for the brand. This video features a decent amount of seamless transitions (“the whip”, “smooth zoom”, “rotation”) between the scenes, making good use of music and as a result, achieving a dynamic feel. This commercial is focusing on a younger consumer generation encouraging them to live life to the fullest.

  • Brand: Coca Cola, Brazil
  • Creative Agency: JWT
  • Views: 92.3m

2. LG – Complete Dreams

Storytelling commercial featuring popular Vietnamese footballer, Nguyễn Quang Hải. One of the key ingredients for this video is an emotional connection with the viewer.

  • Brand: LG
  • Creative Agency: VietBuzzAd (VBA) и HSAd Vietnam
  • Views: 39.6

3. Amazon – Not Everything Makes the Cut

This commercial for the “Super Bowl” is employing humour aspect as well as hosting famous celebrities. The key character, Harrison Ford and other celebrities, are testing voice assistant Alexa home devices and Amazons Echo.
  • Brand: Amazon
  • Creative Agency: Lucky Generals and Amazon Internal Creative Team
  • Views: 39.3m

4. Orange – Orange Go

Starring popular Egyptian comic Ali Rabee, this Orange Go commercial is making good use of a catchy song. Singing turtles, owls and other fantasy characters.

  • Brand: Orange
  • Creative Agency:
  • Views: 39.3m

5. Apple – Growth Spurt

Apple’s commercial for the iPhone XS Max, accenting on Apple’s slogan “Everything you love just got bigger “.
  • Brand: Apple
  • Creative Agency: TBWA\MAL
  • Views: 36.5m

6. Shopee – Birthday Sale featuring BlackPink

Another proof of how influential K pop could be these days. This commercial is featuring Korean girl group Blackpink. Similarly to “Orange go” commercial making good use of a catchy song.
  • Brand: Shopee
  • Creative Agency: In-house
  • Views: 32.8m

7. Turkish Airlines – The Lego Movie Safety Video

The “Lego Movie” stars taking us on an aeroplane and giving in=flight safety step by step instructions guide. This commercial reminds me of “British Airways safety video“.
  • Brand: Turkish Airlines
  • Creative Agency: Warner Bros
  • Views: 32.1m

8. Nike – Dream Crazy

This provocative commercial from Nike is addressing racism, physical disabilities, sexes and inspiring people to be brave. This commercial is following an event where NFL backer Colin Kaepernick kneeled down during Anthem in protest against racism. Similar to “Complete Dreams” from LG evoking an emotional response and sharing experiences, stories of athletes.
  • Brand: Nike
  • Creative Agency: Wieden & Kennedy
  • Views: 29.5m

9. Bosch – Like a Bosch

The commercial with the slogan “Like a Bosch” (use of words similar to the expression “like a boss”) highlights how the company’s technology, its range of products helps to live “Like a Bosch .”

  • Brand: Bosch Global
  • Creative Agency: Jung von Matt/Alster
  • Views: 22.9m

10. Samsung – Fortnite Supply Drop

Samsung sent “supply drops” to biggest fans of the game Fortnite so that they could test it on the Galaxy Note 9, showcasing how powerful this device is.

  • Brand: Samsung
  • Creative Agency: Starcom
  • Views: 17m

Let me know in the comments section below which is your favourite one or see other design inspiration articles. If you have any questions with your current project or need help delivering it, get in touch with me.

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