As I am coming from a startup background, I constantly look for new ideas, blueprinting them and sometimes taking further in to development. Vastory is one of the self initiatives that I see potential and personal interest in.

  • Branding.
  • User Experience.
  • User Interface.

Lasting stories.

Vastory is an app, designed to share and view rich experiences in a story like way. Currently, I am looking for investors and partners to take it into full development.


User is given a choice of presets to customise their initial feed and then app is constantly listening and adjusting feed algorithm, focusing on outputting relevant content for the best user experience.

Contribute in stories.

One of the key features, that helps vastory to stand out from the competition is an ability to collaborate in stories and have group submissions.

Way to connect.

Find interesting people, collaborate, stay in touch with your friends and build experiences.