Why do you need landing pages for Google Ads?

You as an owner of the website with quite a lot of pages, thought about landing pages and questioned yourself why they are so often recommended for advertising campaigns? Therefore you probably thought, that I already have a lot of good quality pages and I tried to highlight key information about my services or products on them. Why should I create landing pages?

It’s very likely that your existing pages are already perfectly suited for Google advertisement campaign. Let’s do a brief checklist and highlight the key purposes of the landing page:

  • More effective landing page, specific to the advertising campaign
  • Simply, to test new ideas and hypotheses
  • Comply with Google Ads Policy

Now let’s review all these cases in more detail below.

Objective 1: Create a more effective landing page focusing on a specific advertising campaign

It doesn’t matter what exactly you are promoting online: software, consultancy, food, market or gym equipment. On your website, an effective page is considered to be the page that converts well visitors into customers. This means that the visitor is not simply surfing through the website but does an action: register, bought, downloaded, wrote in a chat or contacted you via an online form.

Generally, people engage with the website if:

  • See exactly information they are looking for
  • Information is easy to digest
  • Call to action is well positioned and suggestive
  • Easy to action
  • Actioning is feeling safe

Page performance evaluation for the Google Ads group

Let’s assume that you want to evaluate whether the website page is performing well for Google Ads focus group. To start with, focus on ad campaigns with a minimum set of synonyms, narrowing them down and making them quite specific. This then helps to predict what visitors will be expecting from the page and making it more relevant to them, raising website landing pages engagement.
In addition, this approach provides better keywords management.

Objective 2. Test ideas and hypotheses

A/B testing: copy, call to action and content layout.

What should I do: set up subscription form or install voting poll? Possibly, our audience will be interested in our online services and call to action should be dominant and easy to find. If you having these sorts of questions, this is absolutely fine and you’re doing the correct thing. Even if you managed quite a few successful campaigns previously there is no universal formula and each website landing page needs to be tailored individually for best result. It will be a matter of testing and data comparison at the end of the day.

It’s best practice to create 2 different variations of your website landing page. As an outcome, select the one that performs better.

Objective 3. Comply with Google AdWords Policy

It happens to be that some website pages may not meet Google’s destination requirements policy and therefore you cannot use them for advertisement.

For example, you have a website page that is performing very well. It also features a popup with a profitable offer on the closure of the page. Even if it is a very subtle and friendly popup that will not generate any customer complaints – Google has strict rules regarding popups.

No matter how user-friendly your popup is, Google will not allow this website page for advertising. Basically, any elements that interfere with the visitor will make the website landing page not applicable for advertising.


  • Disable popup
  • Create a separate website landing page

Choose wisely. For example, will there be sufficient resources to keep two similar pages up to date? Will advertisement cover loses from popup disable.


  • Before using the website landing page for any Google advertisement, go through it as if you were a visitor coming from an ad. Is it easy to find what was advertised? Is it clear? Is there a clear call to action?
  • There is no universal template for an effective landing page. But there are simple principles that if you follow will allow you to quickly create a suitable landing page for advertisement.
  • If there is any uncertainty, try to A/B test multiple variations of landing pages.

If you have any questions with your current project or need help delivering it, get in touch with me.

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